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Forever the Humanitarian - Laura Keegan - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E22

Quotes about change: “Empathy is challenged when there is such abundance and privilege.”

Laura Keegan grew up in a family of humanitarians, so it was no surprise to her that her life would be filled with giving back to others. She did not have good grades coming out of high school, and it was through sheer determination that she achieved her Master’s in Social Work, International Development and Leadership from the University of Calgary.

Laura believes it’s everyone's job to be a change agent when the status quo isn’t good enough. She practices what she believes. Laura went with the Canadian Red Cross to Sierra Leone to help deal with Ebola and provided aid and preventative support for HIV in Papua New Guinea. In March 2020, she was part of a team that responded to the psychosocial needs of Canadians hospitalized after becoming infected with COVID aboard a cruise ship.

Laura talks about how different it is in a country like Canada when going through a pandemic as compared to West Africa – in fact, there is little to compare.

Today, Laura continues to give back as the Director of Public Engagement with HIV Edmonton. She is strong, resilient, insightful, and has a call to action for us all.

To learn more, visit Laura's LinkedIn.

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