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Taking Center Stage - Tammy Sweeney - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E25

Tammy Sweeney is the new CEO of TCU Place, a convention and arts centre in Saskatoon. She accepted the position having never been to TCU Place, or to Saskatoon - a reality of applying for and accepting a position during COVID! Another challenge has been trying to fit into a new community – virtually!

Tammy has had champions supporting her, and it wasn’t until recently that she recognized how valuable they were to her. These relationships have sustained her through the changes in her life, and she describes how the investment of cultivating these relationships has helped in her success.

Tammy has a background in human resources and is originally from the Niagara Region in Ontario. She shares her change journey of how she has transitioned to leading a major event centre in Saskatoon, including the personal and professional challenges along the way.

To learn more, visit Tammy's LinkedIn.

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