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World's Apart - Palash Sanyal - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E27

Quote about change: "How can I tap into my abundances to make this place better?"

Palash Sanyal is the Strategic Partnership and Project Manager for the Global Institute for Water Security. Palash’s relationship with water started as a very young boy, and it has shaped and changed him. Born in Bangladesh, Palash saw how valuable water was…every day… as he stood line to collect water for his family. Palash's father died with he was young, and he grew up in poverty. But his mother was educated and valued education for Palash and his sister.

Palash made his way to Canada and shares his thoughts on how some immigrants have a mindset of abundance when they leave their home country, but when they arrive to their new country, it changes to a mindset of scarcity.

Saskatoon is Palash’s home now. He is working to make meaningful connections with people who want him to be his best, and he in turn does the same. It’s not easy to move to a new country. Palash describes how he is successfully making changes to make this his new home.

To learn more, visit Palash's LinkedIn.

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