Government Relations

How to Navigate

City Hall

Strategic Planning

Board Governance

  • Provide solutions to your Board and Executive to help your organization perform at a high level

  • Governance Policies for the Board – Procedures should stay with Management

  • Role of Directors

  • Role of CEO/Executive – How to effectively prepare Board packages, make presentations to the Board, and utilize the skills and expertise of your Board to help the organization

  • Oversight of Strategic Plan

  • Refreshing your Strategic Plan

  • Board orientation

  • Committee Structure, Roles and Mandates

  • Running effective meetings

  • How do I bring forward a new proposal for the City to consider?

  • How do I ask for funding from the City?

  • How do I make effective presentations in front of City Councillors?

  • What decisions do staff make and what decisions does City Council make?

  • What does In Camera mean?

  • What do the Committees do and what does City Council do?

  • Clear roles for Boards and management in the strategic planning process

  • Long term planning – where do you want to be in the next 5-10 years and what your company needs to do today to help you grow and prepare for the future

  • Prepare 3-year, 1 year and 90-day action plans to help you achieve your goals

  • Involve your entire team so everyone understands the path forward, knows their role, and holds each other accountable. 

Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Prepare effective public presentations

  • Prepare for great media interviews

  • Communicate your stratgic planning process to your team and stakeholders

  • Gather input from your stakeholders as you plan for your future

Speaker - Networking: The Art of Building Relationships

  • Workshops tailored to your business to help employees build and sustain relationships critical to advancing their careers and achieving business success

  • Learn the Do's and Don'ts of great networking


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