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My Services

With years of experience in my career and Board/Director positions, I can help your organization work through challenges and present solutions.


I specialize in providing strategic leadership with long-term planning, effective communications, and issues management for organizations. I will facilitate impactful solutions to elevate your organization to exceed your expectations.

Board Governance

Let us assess your organization and provide solutions to your Board and Executive to help your team perform at a high level.


This can include:

- Introduction to Board Governance, and orientation 

- Roles of the Board, Directors, and management

- Meeting agendas and how to chair meetings effectively

- Board & Management performance assessments and work plans 

- Board, Director, and Management Policy creation

Executive & Board Relations

An organization's Board, Directors, and Management need to work as a cohesive unit, that's where we come in.

This can include: 

- Aiding effective meeting and team management

- Managing importance of priorities

- Setting and clarifying communication guidelines

- Helping the board communicate expectations to management

Strategic Planning

We specialise in creating a "road map" for your organisation so you have a clear path going into your successful future. 

This can include:

- Clear roles for Board and Management in the planning process

- Short-term planning to set you up for success

- Long-term planning for 5-10 years to follow

- Preparing 90-day, 1-year, and 3-year action plans 

- Involve and align all teams in your organisation 

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