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Our Very Own... - Catherine Gryba - Get Your Goat Podcast S1 E21

Quotes about change: “Ask yourself, how do I want to spend my days?”

Catherine Gryba grew up on a farm in southwest Saskatchewan. She attended University where she studied physical education with a major in business administration. Her first job was with the City of Saskatoon as a lifeguard and that was only the beginning of a long and successful career in municipal administration.

Catherine stayed with the City for 34 years, taking on different jobs with more and more responsibility and ultimately, a role in the senior leadership suite. She explains how she used mentors, both inside and outside of City hall, and volunteer experience in the community to grow and hone her leadership skills. But, abruptly, one day, when her job ended and she decided to leave the City, she began the process of rebuilding with a focus on entrepreneurialism and a change recovery process that led her to clarity on what she wanted to do next.

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