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Courtroom to Creative Content - Eric Cline - Get Your Goat Podcast S1 E14

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Always open to change and opportunity, Eric Cline choose a non-linear and uncertain path, which he continues to pursue. He was never an artist. He was a lawyer and a politician. Today as an artist, Eric has the freedom to let go and let someone else be the boss. “Never consider yourself too old to start something new.”

Eric studied law at the University of Saskatchewan and was a partner with the firm Mitchell-Taylor-Ching from 1984-1990. He sold his partnership and ran for the New Democratic Party in the 1991 Saskatchewan election. A member of the legislature for 16 years, he served 12 years in senior cabinet roles. In 2008, he authored a memoir entitled Making a Difference - Reflections From Political Life, where he describes leaving politics because he had accomplished what he had to offer and knew it was time to seek new challenges.

Today, Eric is an accidental artist doing fused glass work. He continues to write, with pieces in the National Post, Globe and Mail and online magazine Quillette, and is working on a new book. He continues to practice law on the side.

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