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Energy, Opportunities, Adventure - Anne Neufeld - Get Your Goat Podcast S1 E13

Updated: Apr 12

Anne’s story is about using energy to embrace opportunities and adventure, know when it’s time for change, and then look forward – no regrets. Anne Neufeld was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Following university, she worked at a children’s home in Mexico then relocated to a small Mennonite community in Saskatchewan where she launched her health care career, returned to Chile to aid with earthquake re-construction, then to Toronto and back to Saskatoon for an executive career. She co-founded Sunrise Foods International from her kitchen table, a successful company that trades certified organic grain and specialty crops. Recently, she co-founded Loot Fox Games Inc, a computer and mobile game company. As a survivor of breast cancer, the job title has never been important to Anne; it’s more about finding meaningful and enjoyable work. (Photo credit: Kirk Fong)

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