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From a Small Town to Big Success - Deb Wiegers - Get Your Goat Podcast - S3 E45

Deb Wiegers - Get Your Goat Podcast

Have you ever met someone whose life radiates the possibility that comes from unwavering positivity and grit? Deb Wiegers, the co-founder of Wiegers Financial and Benefits, embodies just that. Her journey from a small-town girl to a successful entrepreneur is awe-inspiring. In this episode, Deb opens up about her fearless leap into the unknown with a can-do attitude that's contagious. From her early days of figure skating and retail work to co-founding her company, her story is a compelling illustration of how a positive mindset and resilience can revolutionize your life and career.

 Confronting skepticism head-on and turning doubts into fuel for ambitions, Deb recounts pivotal moments of her life, such as the shift from a misaligned career path to flourishing in the insurance industry. Her candour about navigating the complexities of working with a spouse and evolving within a family business offers a real-world perspective that's as enlightening as it is practical.

 Deb's insights remind us that change is a constant, but with a foundation of positive thinking and mutual respect, the path to success—with all its twists and turns—can be navigated with confidence and grace. Join us for a narrative that's rich with change, determination, and the indomitable power of positivity.

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