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Through The Ranks - Steve McLellan - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E43

Have you ever wondered what it's like to climb the ranks in the bustling world of hospitality and emerge a leader in business advocacy? Steve McClellan, the former CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, joins us to share the rich tapestry of his career, from its humble beginnings inspired by a book and a cooking show, to reaching the pinnacle of his profession. His narrative is peppered with the timeless tenets of customer service and the joy of serving others—lessons that resonate whether you're a veteran in the service industry or just starting to chart your course.

 Throughout our conversation, we touch on the nuances and shifts within the workplace that have shaped today's entrepreneurial landscape. Steve recounts the evolution from personal business ownership to becoming a voice for businesses at large, shedding light on the pressures and pleasures that come with the territory. His insights encapsulate the necessity of confidence and the power of a resilient spirit in facing the challenges and changes that come with any career.

 The episode rounds out with a contemplative look at the transition to retirement. Steve doesn't just offer a roadmap; he provides a compass for navigating this significant life change with intention and preparation. From crafting a robust transition plan to seeking fulfillment through community involvement and mentorship programs like "Mission Possible," Steve's approach to retirement is anything but dormant. His story doesn't end with a farewell to a successful career, but rather with the exciting prospect of leveraging his expertise in new, impactful ways. 

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