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There's Always a Silver Lining - Jennifer McCowan - Get Your Goat Podcast S1 E11

Finding silver linings when dealing with devastating change and then, hair loss.10 years ago, Jennifer’s father was killed in a car accident, 5 weeks after the birth of her son. In the following 3 years, Jennifer had 7 family members pass away, a friend committed suicide, and they found 2 suspicious lumps on her breast and 2 issues with her heart.

Due to the incredible stress, Jennifer started to lose her hair. Her dermatologist told her she would be bald by the age of 60 and didn’t know how to help her. Now she is one of 10 Trichologists (a hair and scalp specialist) in Canada and the owner of Hope Hair Recovery. Her story is one of resiliency and looking for the silver linings in every situation.

To learn more, visit Jennifer's website today!

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