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A Lesson In Following Your Heart - Karla Combres - Get Your Goat Podcast - S3 E47

Karla Combres

Have you ever felt the gentle tug of your heart steering you in an unexpected direction? Karla Combres knows that feeling well, and she's here to share her story of leaping from a traditional career in the Canadian Federal Public Service to the deeply fulfilling calling as a legacy guide and life cycle celebrant. Her journey is a testament to the courage it takes to listen to life's whispers and follow your "heart crumbs," even when the path ahead is uncharted.

Karla talks about the subtle yet persistent "niggle," that feeling of discontent that often lurks beneath the surface of a secure yet uninspiring job. Her encounters with individuals who challenged and expanded her perspective on life and death played a pivotal role in her career transformation. Volunteers at a hospice, participants at death cafes, and singers in the Threshold Choir all contributed to a profound realization of mortality that ultimately steered her towards a path of deep connection and meaning.

Karla's journey illuminates the possibilities when we dare to listen to the heart and embrace our true aspirations.

Check out Karla's website to learn more!

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