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Redefining Leadership - Gayathri Shukla - Get Your Goat Podcast - S3 E46

Gayathri Shukla, known for her empathy and commitment to diversity, joins us to share her journey from engineer to digital transformation leader in mining. Her story reflects the challenges she faced as an immigrant in male-dominated fields, shaping her into a champion for inclusive workplaces. Gayathri's insights show us how storytelling in leadership isn't just an art—it's a tool for connection and change. Her creation, Campfire Kinship, is a guide for leaders who want to use diverse stories and empathy in their work.

With the precision of an engineer and the vision of an innovator, Gayathri shows us how to build trust—a crucial part of making big changes happen. As we learn about her experiences, we see how to blend big plans with the realities of everyday work. Gayathri's time in the mines, along with her push for more people-focused technical education, highlights the importance of soft skills alongside technical knowledge. By guiding leaders through honest storytelling, she helps create workplaces where trust and empathy drive meaningful change. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation—your leadership skills are about to get a boost. 

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