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A New 80/20 Rule - Val Sluth- Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E11

Quotes about change: “If I know I can do 80% of something then I will do it and figure out the other 20% later.”

Val Sluth is the owner of Praxis Consulting, a management consulting firm she started 20 years ago. She has grown it to be a very successful firm and currently has plans for expansion.

Val approaches life using her resiliency. She attributes her resiliency to having a humble upbringing. Coming from a relatively small city with not a lot of resources she had to make her own way to create opportunity. Born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Val joined a synchronized swimming club in her youth. She was awarded a university scholarship in swimming which she admits, was the only way that she would attend post-secondary school.

After university, she started a job at Sask Sport then moved into the business world working at KPMG Consulting. Realizing there needed to be a balance or work and family life, Val left the security that KPMG gave her to start her company, Praxis Consulting. She saw the opportunity and reward that having her own company would bring her and she ran with it. Does this sound like you? Knowing that a change needs to be made because of imbalances in your life?

Val knows that if she can do something 80%, she will do it and will learn the other 20% along the way. She wants to see change in the world and welcomes opportunities to volunteer in local and international communities. She says, “If we’re not a part of the change needed, then we are a part of the problem.”

Val gives advice on failing. She has failed and learned some important lessons.

To learn more, visit Val's website and LinkedIn!

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