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More Than a Miner - Lawrence Berthelet - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E30

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Quotes about change: "On the other side of change is a new and improved change." Lawrence Berthelet is a chemical engineer with a 35-year career in mining and manufacturing. Growing up in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, he was no stranger to the mines and has had a successful career working in North America and globally in the mining industry. Lawrence has always followed his curiosity, leading him to go back to school for an MBA and looking for different career experiences and offshore opportunities.

Just prior to the pandemic, he signed on to a 3-year commitment to work in Moscow as an executive with a Russian company. Lawrence is a family man, but the pandemic made travelling to see his family or his family coming to visit him in Russia, difficult and nearly impossible. He talks about the challenges of being away from his wife and six children for such a long time.

He is taking Russian lessons and embracing the Russian culture and people. Change can be uncomfortable, but there’s a part of Lawrence that likes being uncomfortable. He seeks that feeling to push himself forward and make change.

To learn more, visit Lawrence's LinkedIn.

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