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Always Another Chapter - Joanne Paulson - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E28

Quotes about change: "You can't give up - bear down and re-build as you find the core." Joanne Paulson is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has always loved writing, and as a young child dreamed of becoming a war correspondent.

When she finished university, Joanne became a journalist for the Star Phoenix newspaper in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, a position she held for 25 years, covering real estate, business, the arts, and agriculture. She left her position at the Star Phoenix when the internet started to have a significant impact on the newspaper industry and talks about her decision to leave. She took on other journalist positions, and through a series of events – both personal and professional – found herself in a very dark place. Joanne describes how she spent 3 months hiding under her bed until one morning, her subconscious told her to smarten up.

She listened to that voice and went on to author four mystery romance novels, and her 5th will be released soon.

To learn more, visit Joanne's website or LinkedIn!

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