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Across the Pond and Back - Cherise Arnesen - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E20

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Quotes on change: "Reflect on the pros and cons of a decision to find your moment of truth." Cherise Arneson thought she wanted to teach high school – until she got her teaching degree and started teaching. It wasn’t what she wanted or expected. She ran away to London, England and took a teaching position in inner city schools only to earn money. It was a baptism by fire! Cherise learned how to be fluid and adaptive, how to survive and tackle anything, and how to be an exceptional teacher in a difficult and challenging environment. She became really good at it!

Cherise moved back to Canada because she promised her Mom she would come home. She started teaching again, met her husband, and moved to Prince Albert where she established a very successful product and retail business. Cherise tells us how she made the decision to wind down that business, and how her reflections and values have led her and her husband to their new business venture of providing homes for people.

Change is part of Cherise’s DNA, and her unique view on looking at the pro’s and con’s of change before making significant decisions has guided her well.

To learn more, visit Cherise's LinkedIn.

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