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Art through an Aircraft - Evan Quick - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E12

Quotes about change: “If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? I’m very serious about having fun”

Evan Quick has had a very practical approach to life, and it has taken him on some interesting adventures. He has a fine arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan, but he didn’t believe he could make a living selling his art. So, what to do?

He loves to travel, and where can you make a good living that allows you to travel? A passenger agent for Air Canada was just the ticket – for 35 years. During that time, Evan never really thought about pursuing his artistic passion. He was too busy raising a family, fundraising, and climbing Machu Picchu!

Evan was patient with himself, knowing that when the time was right, he would get back to his passion. It’s not easy being patient with life – we want things now. But Evan talks about how his patience with himself led him to a very fulfilling life after retirement. He has also learned to be patient with his art and finds that his ceramic sculptures have evolved and changed over time. Evan was awarded the Les Potter Award for Excellence in Sculpture in 2019 at the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s Dimensions Exhibition.

If you are wondering how to transition into your passion following a busy career, Evan has some excellent advice. It has served him well, and he also shares insights into how he has navigated all the changes throughout his life and career.

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