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Cockpit to Coaching a Classroom - Garrett Lawless - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E21

Quotes about change: "Everybody is acting through their own horizon. If you can't understand what that person's horizon is, then you can't effectively interact with them." Garrett Lawless describes his mid-life crisis at 19 when he was deciding on his career. He “wanted to be admired and wanted a high level of competency”, so he joined the army, having had no previous experience or even an interest in the military. It wasn’t easy but he stuck with it – learning the resiliency and tenacity that would serve him well.

He trained as a pilot and did a tour in Afghanistan. Garrett describes what it was like in a war zone where everything matters, to coming home at Christmas and being worried about finding a parking spot. After serving over 20 years with the military, Garrett became President of a Canadian regional airline in Northern Saskatchewan and founded CTS Aero, which provides proven innovation to pilot training. He talks about the personal toll of 2 divorces – one from his wife and one from his business partners. Garrett has experienced much change in his life, and he approaches it with intellect and logic. His advice on change is not what you’d expect, and he shares how he believes we can drive meaning in our lives.

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