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Commercial Properties to CEO - Jason Yochim - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E18

Quotes about change: "We will regret the opportunities we never jumped into." Jason Yochim is a community and association leader. His career has been primarily in the real estate industry. Jason made the transition into real estate from a steady paying job to 100% commission – talk about a vote of self-confidence and a leap of faith!

As a real estate professional, Jason spent 13 years selling residential properties, and then moved to selling commercial properties which gave him back his weekends and evenings. He was doing well, enjoying his work and his clients.One day he received a call from the real estate association saying they needed a replacement for the CEO position. He had never been a CEO. How do you transition from being an expert at selling properties to managing people, budgets, and operations?

Jason talks about the adjustments he made, what he did to enhance his leadership skills, and how he learned to face challenges using a calm and cool approach even though that was not how he felt.

Jason is currently going through another life transition. His current goal is to help others become who they are meant to be through better leadership practices and skills.

To learn more, visit Jason's LinkedIn.

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