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Consultancy to Canvas - Patricia Katz - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E19

Quotes about change: “What if … people found ways to stay curious and open to new possibilities, to be as engaged as possible for as long as possible?" Patricia Katz has had a successful career as an educator, author, speaker, columnist and consultant, helping people and workplaces enhance their productivity and delivering seminars on time, organization and stress management skills. She is an inductee of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame and is recognized as a strong supporter of professional and community organizations.

Pat's business and personal life were thriving; she had a great family and was spending time travelling with her spouse. But Pat started to feel stuck and sensed that there was more. She took a pause and pursued a Master’s degree in Continuing Education with a focus on "time starvation". Pat renamed and relaunched her business to help people, feeling overloaded, underappreciated, exhausted, and disheartened, to take a pause for renewal. She shares how she used curiosity, mindfulness, and awareness to find what sparked her leading to a career and life transition. She did a TED talk on malaise – the experience of rusting out, coasting, and feeling stuck.

Today, Pat is an accomplished watercolour artist - she found her spark. She is in the process of making an important life transition as she shifts her time from her consulting and speaker business to her love and passion for art.

To learn more, visit Patricia's LinkedIn, and website!

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