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Finding Meaning in Change - Betty-Ann Heggie - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E6

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Quotes on change: “Ideas are like waves on a shore – they keep getting bigger and coming to you until you are forced to make change.”

Are you stuck in a job where you feel you’re getting stale? Not sure when it’s the right time to make a move? Betty-Ann Heggie was the Senior Vice-President with PotashCorp (now Nutrien). She loved her job - travel, good money, perks, the corner office. But she felt she was getting stale, and something happened that made her life changing decision clear – it was time to move on.

Betty Ann tells us about how she waited for the universe to bring the change she was waiting for, and when that didn’t happen, she needed to shed some armour. As Betty-Ann transitioned from her corporate career to a distinguished speaker, author and mentor, she tells us how she shed that armour - her weight, the corner office, and the way she dressed.

Betty-Ann describes how sometimes change is forced on us – and we change without even realizing it – without a plan. We need to allow things to come to us, let go and find meaning in the change.

To learn more, visit Bettie-Ann's website or LinkedIn page!

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