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Gymnasium to Palettes - Kathy Bradshaw - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E14

Quotes about change: “We need to find pleasure in the small things”

As a child Kathy loved to draw although in high school she never took an art class. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and worked towards a double major in physical education and art. She tells us why she dropped the arts degree and became a physical education teacher. She was a mom to her 3 boys, her husband had a busy career and she was teaching and coaching several sports at the senior and junior level. Life was busy. Years later in her teaching career, she took a community art class. Her teacher saw her talent and encouraged her to paint more.

After 22 years, Kathy went back to university to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a 2 year program that she finished in one year by attending classes straight through without a break, and learning to paint fast – a technique she continues to use in her art. Kathy’s decision to go back to school was “my search for truth, for becoming who I was inside, who I was meant to be and who I needed to be. But also being the best version of that.”

Kathy returned to teach art in high school. She retired 4 years ago from teaching and is now a full time artist. Her art is full of colour, energy, and beauty and is widely sought across Canada.

In April 2020, the Bradshaws received devastating news that has turned the family world upside down. Kathy shares this for the first time publicly with our listeners, and tells us how this has changed her life and how she moves forward every day. She sees colour differently.

To learn more, visit Kathy's website and LinkedIn!

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