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Jack-ette of All Trades - Caroline Brookfield - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E13

Quotes about change: “We sit in these boxes that everyone thinks we should sit in, yet everyone else is in their own box” Ever wonder what makes stand-up comedians tick? How do they do it? Where they get their courage? And what if a stand up comedian is also a veterinarian and owner of several businesses? Meet Caroline Brookfield, public speaker, veterinarian and researcher, creativity facilitator, upcoming author, small business owner, and stand-up comedian. Caroline seeks change and is comfortable with it. Her approach to life is refreshing and inspiring. She knew she wanted to become a stand-up comedian which for many people would be a terrifying experience. But for Caroline, she went into it wondering what could be the worst thing that could happen “…but, am I going to die?”.

She talks about how human beings have an inherent need to be liked and accepted by others, which stems from pre-historic times where humans needed to be surrounded by their tribe to survive. This is a human trait that we do not need any more – it holds us back from trying new things because we might be judged or make a fool of ourselves.

To learn more, visit Caroline's book, LinkedIn, and website!

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