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Leading a Political Party to Egg Producers - Cam Broten - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E10

Quotes about change: “Sometimes we choose change and sometimes change chooses us.” Cam Broten is the former Leader of the Saskatchewan NDP Party, and currently Executive Director of Saskatchewan Egg Producers. Originally from Regina, Cam attended the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in international studies, and then a Master’s Degree in political science from Simon Fraser University. He worked as a policy analyst with the provincial government, in the Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation, and later as a health policy manager with the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

Cam talks about why he got into politics and why it was important for him to serve – he was in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan for nine years including three years as leader of the NDP Party.

Politics and government have certainly been part of his journey, and he talks about his early influences. Being a politician has an impact on family. Cam and his wife have four daughters and it was and is important to him to be part of raising his family. He noticed the impact that politics was having on his family and knew he wanted to make change.

It was a big change when he left politics and Cam describes how his days are different and how he has adapted to that change in his current executive position.

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