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Looking Out for Others - Serese Selanders - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E17

Quotes about change: "If you feel handcuffed by societal rules, take a step back and re-think what excites you." Serese Selanders is the CEO and Founder of SolusGuard and Ora, companies that offer safety solutions to people living on their own and to businesses looking to keep their employees safe.

Serese worked in the banking and financial services for nearly 20 years. She had a great boss, good pay and benefits, security, and worked for a great company. But she was feeling unfilled and unsettled.

Then, her mother passed away. Getting older and with health concerns of his own, her father wanted to continue to live independently. She wanted to help him and came up with a novel solution that allowed him to live the way he wanted.

Serese left the credit union and started a new tech company, It wasn't easy and she had to pull out her resolve and resilience to lead the business through tough times. Today Serese is leading a life of fulfillment.

To learn more, visit Serese's LinkedIn, the SolusGuard website, or the Ora website.

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