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Making Your Way - Monique Simair - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E8

Quotes on change: "Pain is the foundation of resiliency."

Monique Simair is the founder and owner of Maven Water and Environment. She was recently named CBC Saskatchewan Future 40 Winner and received the 2020 Alumni of Influence Award from the University of Saskatchewan.

If there are no jobs, what do you do? If you are Monique Simair, you start your own company. But not before you get fired from your job! As a scientist, she analyzes everything, and it was no different when she was fired. She describes how she found her brand by doing a personal inventory and it led to a transition in her career and her life.

Monique comes from a family of entrepreneurs (her brother co-founded Skip the Dishes). She started as a scientist, moved into academia, and positioned herself for success in starting her first company. She sold her first business to a publicly traded company and grieved – not that she sold her company, but that she was letting go of a dream. We’ve all shared this in 2020 as we grieved for our dreams, had to let go of those dreams, and create new experiences.

Monique developed her resiliency by learning to fail and she has gotten better at it through training. She also has a very unique way of creating her “To Do” lists and creating opportunity out of challenges.

To learn more, visit Monique's website and LinkedIn page!

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