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Play the Piano of Life - Robert Koenig - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E15

Quotes on change: “Trust yourself enough to know that it will all be okay.”

Robert (aka Bob) Koenig is the Chair of the Music Department at the University of California Santa Barbara. He tells us of humble beginnings in the small village of Englefeld, Saskatchewan, his family’s support of his musical gifts, and how his love for music and the piano led him to embracing change and taking chances. With the support of family, Bob left home at the age of 15 to live with his older brother in Vancouver to continue his studies in music. From small town Saskatchewan to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia to working at Julliard in NYC, Bob has never said no to change. He has played in concert halls all over the world as a collaborative pianist, talks about pre-performance nerves, and tell us about one of favourite performances, which may surprise you.

Bob has shifted to part-time performance and academia. He loves to teach and learn from students. He tells his students to “Say yes to every opportunity and chance that comes your way because you never know what great experience will come from it that will change your life for the better.” He shares stories about his personal life and his challenges coming out as a gay man to himself, spouse, family, friends, and his son.

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