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"Princess of Process" - Sheri Benson - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E27

Quotes about change: "Change is like the ripples from a small pebble. You may not see where it ends but be okay that." Sheri Benson was the CEO of the United Way of Saskatoon and Area. Then she was nominated and ran in a federal election - and was elected as a Member of Parliament to the House of Commons. When that ended, she returned to her position as CEO of the United Way!

Sheri shares her incredible story of how her Mom influenced her career choice and that she never aspired to become a politician. There is no job description on how to be an MP, and Sheri describes what it’s like to show up your first day on the job and figure things out. There were some surprises for her, and she figured out how to filter through the comments where everyone either loves what you’re doing, or quite the opposite.

Sheri was a self-described “Princess of Process”, and the changes in her life have helped her to let go to get to what’s really important. She reflects on these changes, and every time she talks about them, a new insight is revealed.

To learn more, visit Sheri's LinkedIn.

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