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Signature Strings - Sheldon Dingwall - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E20

Quotes about change: "There are two currencies: money feeds your stomach and creativity feeds your soul." Sheldon Dingwall is the Owner/Designer at Dingwall Guitars. Music has always been a part of his life and he gave himself until the age of 25 to “make it in the biz” as a touring musician or he would do something else.

That something else turned into a hugely successful business designing and selling bass guitars. Sheldon has melded creativity with business savvy – not an easy task. He made big moves throughout his career and describes how excitement at the outcome outweighs the fear. Sheldon had major setbacks where he had to consider whether it’s all been worth it. Changes in his personal life forced him to ask difficult questions about himself.

Sheldon is always looking at how he can improve himself and his business. This is a success story to be sure, with lots of star power, but Sheldon’s story is rooted in mentorship, gratitude, community, creativity, resiliency, and hard work.

To learn more, visit Sheldon's website or LinkedIn.

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