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The Way the Cookie Crumbles- Faith Bohn - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E23

Faith Bohn is the founder and owner of Down2Cookie. The changes she’s made in her life have a common theme – choice.

Faith chose to move from Halifax to Calgary, leaving her Syrian Muslim family with the traditions and expectations of a young single woman. She chose to marry a Lutheran Catholic and chose to change her career from a hairdresser to starting a cookie business.

Overnight, Faith and her husband’s family changed from one child to 3 with the birth of her twin boys. The twins have Down Syndrome, bringing changes to Faith she never expected. Changes in perspective on what she thought being a Mom would be and a changing perspective on people with different abilities.

She wants her boys to have choice in their lives, so she created Down2Cookie, a home-based baking business where people with Down Syndrome can work and gain experience. Faith believes we shouldn’t take anything lying down – change is going to happen, and we can either let it tear us down or we learn and build from it. Artisan stuffed cookies can be ordered from Down2Cookie on Facebook.

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