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Writing a New Chapter - Tony Bidulka - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E9

Quotes about change: "Be prepared for the possibility that who you planned to be is different than who you are meant to be." Tony Bidulka is an award-winning author of mystery, suspense and thriller novels. He has written 11 novels and has been nominated for several awards. Flight of Aquavit was awarded the Lambda Literary Award for Best Men’s Mystery, making Tony the first Canadian to win in that category.

Born and raised on a farm, he knew early in life he didn’t want to take over the family farm. So he went to school, got his teaching credentials, interned at a small school and learned it wasn’t for him. Are you in a job or a profession that isn’t right for you? That’s exactly where Tony ended up after getting his teaching credentials. He quit and found a variety of jobs while he discovered himself. This led him to the decision to get more education and become an accountant and corporate auditor for a public accounting firm.

Every year, Tony and his husband would sit on the beach and talk about their goals for the upcoming year. Every year, Tony would say he wanted to be a writer. Finally, his husband said, “Do it!” That little spark of support gave Tony the courage to take the leap, quit his job, and start writing. Tony describes his first day as a writer on a Monday having quit his job on Friday.

Tony tells us what success means to him, and you might be surprised at what that is. He gives advice about following your passion, how to bring your passion into your life, and know if you are good at your passion.

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