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A Chef for Change - Krista Babiuk - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E2

Quotes about change: "Things are going to change and it can be the catalyst for good."

Krista’s story is about healing from accident trauma and making change.

Krista Babiuk thought her life path was laid out. She grew up in the food service business with a family-owned shop, worked in restaurants, and went on to get her training in the culinary arts, specializing in pastry and baking.

She loved her work, and her life was nicely unfolding as she had planned.

One day, in an instant, it all changed. There was an accident requiring months and months of recovery. Her family and her support system helped her through the days when there was mind-numbing pain, uncertainty, and hopelessness.

Today, Krista has turned things around and has found joy in the industry she loves, and some surprising outlets for her energy.

To learn more, visit Krista's LinkedIn.

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