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All Money Aside... - Dean Ehrmantraut - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E16

Quotes on change: "What value am I providing? What is my purpose?" Dean Ehrmantraut was a Financial Advisor Assistant Manager for Wood Gundy. He was in his groove and doing very well financially. He would set financial targets, then meet them, set higher targets, and meet them, and on it went.

But there came a point where Dean asked himself, “What value am I providing?” And to answer this question, he tells us in the podcast that you have to take money out of the equation.

At the age of 46, Dean retired. He was financially secure but suddenly had lots of time on his hands. Walking the dog, going to the gym, but what was the purpose? Dean talks about the people in his life who sparked new interests for him, and how he started a new career as a lawyer, finding purpose and value for himself and the people he serves.

To learn more, visit Dean's LinkedIn.

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