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Caring at Her Core - Renea Egeland - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E4

Quotes about change: "No place can make you happy unless you are happy inside." Renea Egeland has been a caregiver for her entire life. In fact, she took her training as a nurse, and just recently retired after a career in nursing of over 30 years.

Her grandmother and sister both received end of life care from Renea. She was a caregiver for her family and always thought of herself as giving to others.

Her retirement focused a light on Renea’s lack of self-care, and it took healing and professional guidance to help Renea see she needed to make some life-changing decisions that would affect her and her entire family.

Renea takes us through her inspiring, and sometimes painful, journey of personal life changes and how she transitioned from being a nurse to a shepherdess and finding happiness inside.

To learn more, visit Renea's Facebook.

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