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Create the Legacy That You Wanted - Leanne Bellegarde - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E26

Quotes about change: "Take time to take a breath and find a sense of self, place, and resilience." Leanne Bellegarde is from Treaty 4 territory in south Saskatchewan and grew up in the northern community of Meadow Lake. She tells us that she never grew up wanting to be a lawyer. As a young Indigenous woman, she never saw lawyers who were Indigenous women – it’s true that you become what you see. Looking back she is grateful to her many supporters and mentors including those who encouraged her to study Law.

Leanne practiced law and is proud to have worked with the Government of Canada on the Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement. She held a number of corporate positions and took a position to make changes from within the organization on Indigenous inclusion.

When she left Potash Corp/Nutrien, she took some time to reflect and was very deliberate about deciding what was next for her. Leanne describes the ways and techniques she used to get her to where she is today and the recognition that she is enough. Leanne talks about her roots, retribution, reconciliation and reflection.

To learn more, visit Leanne's LinkedIn.

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