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Defining and Redefining - Leane Durand - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E26

Quotes about change: "I had to start living again. The old Leane wasn't coming back." Leane Durand grew up in a home where family values and expectations included that one would get educated, get a job in that field, and then work there until retirement.

So when she decided that teaching wasn’t for her, it was because teaching didn’t line up her HER values, not her family’s. She left a good paying job with benefits and summer holidays to …. she wasn’t sure what.

After trying a few different things, she opened her own business which she operated very successfully for 15 years – until her declining health made it untenable for her to carry on her business. She went from great physical health and running half marathons to a nightmare of fatigue, severe pain, and severe weight loss. After years of searching for medical answers and trying alternative approaches, she was finally diagnosed with Lyme's disease.

Leane describes how her change in health led to her closing her successful business, finding a way back to good health using resilience and perseverance, and embarking on a new and fulfilling career.

To learn more, visit Leane's website and Linkedin!

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