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Evolve to Grow - Stephanie Staples - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E11

Quotes about change: "I stopped trying to change others and worked on changing me." Stephanie Staples was working as an RN – she had a nice family, a nice husband, a nice house, a nice job. And then she had an “incident”, a fairly significant one, that made her stop and ask herself, “Is this the person I want to be?”

Stephanie knew something was missing in her life and felt guilty about wanting more when she had so much. But she wanted a better life, so fell into personal development and everything changed for her when she stopped looking to change other people and focused on changing herself.

A big step was deciding the people with whom she wanted to surround herself. She wanted people in her life who fed her, and she did a tally on how people made her feel when she was in their company. She also takes a pulse on her pain, and now doesn’t wait for it to become a 9 before she does something about it. Stephanie has changed and evolved and is now a Psychosocial Wellness Coach, speaker, and author.

To learn more, visit Stephanie's website and LinkedIn.

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