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Finance to Entrepreneurship - Karri Howlett - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E41

Quote about change: "Just go in, figure things out, and get things done."

Ever wondered what it takes to transition from corporate finance to entrepreneurship? Our insightful chat with Karri Howlett is a must-listen for anyone facing career changes or contemplating a leap into entrepreneurship. Karri Howlett is the owner of Karri Howlett Consulting. She takes us through her remarkable journey of career changes, the challenges she encountered, and shares how her upbringing on a farm shaped her decisions and cultivated an optimistic outlook. We dive into the real deal of entrepreneurship, discussing the decision Karri and her husband made to become entrepreneurs, even against initial apprehensions from their family. Karri shares insights on the risks and rewards of leaving a steady paycheck. She sheds light on the resilience required to forge ahead and how nourishing optimism can lead to achieving goals. Karri shares her experience of buying a business with partners and how crucial alignment is in finding the right partner. Finally, we delve into the importance of trusting that inner voice when making decisions.

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