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From Rut to Revitalisation - Shelley Marenka - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E38

Ever reevaluated your life at a milestone age and realized something had to change? Shelley Marenka did just that, and her story is one you don't want to miss. After ending a two-decade-long marriage at the age of 50, Shelley faced a period of grieving before she discovered a newfound passion for physical activities. This was more than just a hobby. It was a form of self-expression that led her on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Join us as we unpack Shelley's transformative journey, from living a life driven by external self-care to embracing a path of spiritual connection and self-love. As a result of her coaching work, Shelley sheds light on how to navigate the tumultuous waves of change and cultivate a deep sense of self-love. Her insights on internal self-care, self-worth and mindfulness will leave you pondering long after the episode ends.

In the final part of our conversation, Shelley explores the power of seeking support amidst life's challenges. She candidly shares her experience in finding mentors to bridge the gap between her true self and her limiting beliefs. Her deeply personal experience with grief and loss brings an enlightening perspective on mourning. Tune in for this inspiring and empowering episode with Shelley Marenka and prepare to be transformed.

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