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Giving Back, Not Giving Up - Cara Bahr - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E40

Quote about change: "Learn to pace. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you."

Have you ever wondered what it takes to pivot from a successful career in a for-profit sector to lead a non-profit organization? Cara Bahr, the current CEO of YWCA in Saskatoon, did just that and she reveals her motivations, challenges, and accomplishments in this journey. As a certified professional accountant, Cara was deeply entrenched in the financial industry. It wasn't just the job posting that drew her to the YWCA, but a deep-seated value of giving back, instilled in her by her parents. She discusses her leap of faith into the non-profit sector and the unique experiences that came with it. Transitioning to a CEO role is challenging enough, but Cara faced the added pressures of the global COVID-19 pandemic. She shares how she tackled this new role while battling imposter syndrome and juggling her home life. Hear how she learned to refocus on the internal workings of her organization while maintaining her mental wellbeing. Cara's approach of showing up with mindfulness and positivity, even in trying times, is truly inspiring. She discusses the conscious planning that went into her transition and the power of being a steady anchor during periods of change. Cara speaks candidly about the discomfort and frustration that comes with leading from the front, and the importance of understanding and fostering relationships. Contrary to common misconceptions, ambition and driven leadership are integral to the success of non-profit organizations. This podcast is a must for anyone contemplating a career transition or seeking an in-depth understanding of the non-profit sector.

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