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You've got to move it, move change - Kim Deschamps - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E33

Updated: May 3, 2023

Quotes on change: "Navigating change is about finding your tribe." Kim is the owner of Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness. As a practicing physiotherapist, Kim saw the gaps in her clients’ treatment. She was searching for more of a connection with their whole being when treating them and knew she needed to change her approach. She was going into peoples’ homes, teaching them how to listen to their bodies, and integrating yoga in her treatment.

Kim studied how our hormones are regulated and how our monthly cycles impact us – there are ways to set up our work and home life to take advantage of the stages of our monthly cycles.

Like most entrepreneurs, there are parts of running a business that are challenging, and Kim found a way to keep the things she liked and delegate the things she didn’t enjoy.

Kim’s advice to running a business, marriage, raising children, continually finding ways to treat the whole body – have grace.

To learn more about Kim, visit her website or LinkedIn.

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