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New Career, New Perspective - Joanne Zuk - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E7

Quotes on change: "I do one thing a day to cultivate joy in my life." Joanne Zuk has started a new chapter in her life that has “lit me up from within”. Before now, she worked in the Manitoba public service for over 15 years and led the movement to develop a culture of innovation.

But at about the 15-year mark in her career, she experienced personal loss and pain, followed by the chaos of leading change in the Manitoba government in the midst of the world pandemic. She felt like she was juggling 20 lb. medicine balls that were all coming down at once.

She noticed that she wasn’t doing the things that brought her joy, and that she needed to do something different. Joanne talks about how she made the changes in her life and how it led to branding and marketing herself – something she never had to really do in her life as a public servant.

Her new project is a coaching and mentorship program for women called The Art of Negotiation, and Joanne clearly has taken the advice she gives to others and developed the confidence in herself to negotiate her life changes.

To learn more, visit Joanne's website.

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