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Redefining Strong - Arlene Jorgenson - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E17

Quotes about change: "Do the basics so you feel normal."

Arlene Jorgenson is a strong person. She built a successful business, had a loving husband who was also her partner in business, and was part of a strong faith community.

In 2003, her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after that she went through the difficult time of selling her business. That was hard period for Arlene and her husband. As his health failed, Arlene was the primary caregiver and there were days when it was difficult just to make the bed. COVID hit shortly after her husband’s passing, leaving Arlene to grieve in isolation.

It's been a long and lonely time, and Arlene shares how family, faith, and journals helped her to get through one day and one week at a time. Through perseverance, today she sometimes catches her reflection in the mirror, and sees that she’s happy.

To learn more, visit Arlene's Facebook.

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