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Retiring to Reconnect - Arla Gustafson - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E13

Quotes about change: "What do you need to bring into your life to move forward?" Arla Gustafson made the decision for big change - retirement! She describes her life up to now as raising family, having fun, developing a busy professional life as a CEO, travelling, and having a lot of interesting experiences. When she reached 60, she realized that life becomes more about focusing on applying the wisdom and experience we’ve gained over the years to taking risks and applying to our own life to move forward.

Not a bad approach. At one time, Arla considered working until she was 70. But that’s not the case. Arla talks about how she reached her decision to retire, and how she moved through grief to pure excitement about what’s ahead.

Life transitions can occur when you don’t have a choice, and for Arla, this life change was going to be one where she was making the decision and it wasn’t being done for her.

Through decades of having a busy career and being a very public figure, Arla feels she had lost herself, and she describes how she is going to re-connect and get to know Arla again.

To learn more, visit Arla's LinkedIn.

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