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Strong and Free - Janice Gladue - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E8

Quotes about change: "Wherever I am, I make sure my heart comes with me." Janice Gladue was part of the 60’s Scoop. She was apprehended from her biological family and grew up on a farm with her foster family. It was a home that did not nurture love and affection. Yet, there was and is something deep within Janice that fuels her and keeps her going – gratitude. Janice learned early in life the importance of attitude and describes how your attitude really matters. She gives herself grace and is learning more from a field of study on “post-traumatic growth”.

Today, Janice is the COO of the TIPI Group of Companies. It’s an important leadership position in an expanding company. She has been in the insurance business for over 12 years and is an accredited insurance broker.

Janice also contributed to the Great Canadian Book Series by writing a chapter “Leaning into Gratitude” for The Great Canadian Woman – She is Strong and Free.

To learn more, visit Janice's LinkedIn.

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