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Struggles to Sharing - Leslie Bennett - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E10

Quotes about change: "Self-care is about being kind to yourself." Leslie Bennett is a Partner with Mental Health Innovations, focused on supporting organizations that prioritize workplace mental health.

Leslie has had a personal journey with her own mental health and has asked that we let our listeners know that this conversation may be confronting or challenging for some.

Leslie was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder in her 20’s, and she describes a very painful period of her life where the decisions she was making weren’t healthy or safe. Shame, isolation, and aloneness came with her diagnosis.

In 2007, Leslie made a life-changing decision to be open about her experience living with bipolar disorder. After concealing her mental illness for 10-years, she now speaks and writes about her journey through her mental health blog, at

Leslie talks about the importance of self-care, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, and what she watches on TV. Self-care changes are based on what’s going on in her life.

To learn more, visit Leslie's LinkedIn and website.

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