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Take Time For You - Shannan Corey - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E28

Quote about change: "Give yourself permission to be human."

Shannan Corey had a demanding job with long hours, big decisions, and huge responsibility as well as a young family to take care of. She was noticed changes in her health because she wasn’t taking care of herself but kept going. Her health deteriorated to the point where she was in and out of the hospital dealing with serious allergic reactions.

She made the decision to quit her job and lived in a bubble for an entire year where she did absolutely nothing, because she couldn't. Shannan was trying to heal. She wasn’t getting the answers from the medical professionals, so through research into what would work for her and strong support from her family, her health started to improve.

Slowly, she started to reintegrate herself back into life. Now, she listens to the signs her body gives her. Today she is the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Pension Plan. She continues to remind herself of the importance of positive thinking, and to not wait until you’re less busy to take care of yourself.

To learn more, please visit Shannan's LinkedIn.

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