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The Next Chapter - Heather Persson - Get Your Goat Podcast S2 E24

Quotes about change: "No matter how good or positive change is, you're going to have flashes of grief." Heather Persson, former Editor in Chief of the StarPhoenix and the Regina Leader Post, recently started her new position in the Office of the VP Research at the University of Saskatchewan as the Director of Research, Profile and Impact.

Heather describes how a teacher inspired her to become a writer which led her to journalism school. “Journalism is a calling; it’s about helping people. There is a sense of purpose in the democratic process and in telling people’s stories.” Journalism took her to BC where she landed her first job. Married, Heather found herself in a relationship that she needed to leave – now! Her friends moved her out overnight. She left everything she had and knew and moved into a basement suite. It was exhausting, painful and humiliating. Heather talks about having a “Before” and an “After” – this part of her life is the “Before” and she is grateful as it taught her that she can face adversity and come out on the other side. Heather found powerful tools that helped her through this, and she shares what worked for her.

To learn more, visit Heather's LinkedIn.

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