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Time For Me Time - Lee Knafelc - Get Your Goat Podcast S3 E15

Quotes about change: "Test and try things out before retirement" Lee Knafelc came from a family of teachers, so it seemed obvious to him that he would go into teaching himself. Lee realized early on that teaching in primary and secondary school was not for him. He loved teaching and so refocused on teaching and training adults. As with many things in life, things rarely turn out as we planned, and Lee found that human resources was a good fit for him and there he enjoyed a long and successful career.

Lee has recently retired from his high-level HR position in a mining company, where he was a big part of the change from a very tactical approach to human resources to a company-wide strategic approach. Now, HR is at the table making key executive decisions about the future of the company.

In Lee’s position, he was able to forecast how people would transition into retirement by the retirement gifts people chose for themselves – it was a peek into how they planned to spend their time, and it gave Lee great insight into how he wanted to spend his time in retirement.

Choice, confidence, and self-awareness have been important elements to Lee’s successful life transitions.

To learn more, visit Lee's LinkedIn.

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